San Diego Night Market 2013–Best Asian Food Event of the Year!

Pork Skewer SD Night Market

Pork skewer, Pad Thai, and an egg roll

Since I was longing to be back in Vietnam after my recent trip there in August, I joined some friends at the inaugural San Diego Night Market last month. I was so reminded of my trip that I even forgot to use the crosswalk and jettisoned out in front of moving traffic like in Vietnam.

SD Night Market Crowd

Some of the 15,000 people that showed up

Tickets weren’t required, and, as was no precedent, the host committee had no way to know how many people would come, but come they did! More than 15,000 people showed up to taste the Asian-inspired dishes, which included hotato potatoes, banh mi sandwiches and coconut waffles (an off the menu item), bun cha, and more.

I ordered a pork skewer with pad thai and an egg roll. The lip-smacking sticky sauce of the pork lent to a juicy bite. The fried egg roll crunched into a soft center of hot cabbage and carrot. I’m glad the lines were long enough to prevent me from going back; otherwise, there would be no end to my madness. Now that the folks in charge know that people (ahem, thousands of them) want this event, there will likely be more vendors and shorter lines at the next San Diego Night Market, which is set for spring 2014.

Banh Cuon

Bánh cuốn in Vietnam

I’m going to advocate via this post for the San Diego Night Market to add Bánh cuốn to the list of items at the market for the upcoming spring showdown. If you know where I can get a good serving of this steamed rice roll filled with seasoned ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, and minced shallots in San Diego, do tell!

Did you come to the event this year? Are you coming to the next one? I’ll see you there!

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